10 killer tips to improve your photography

About one year ago I started to dive deeper into the world of photography. There is still so much to learn. But on my way of getting better day by day I started to make use of 10 simple tips that helped me to improve my images a lot. Let me share them with you and maybe you can also improve your photography by using these simple tricks…

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1. Magic of natural light

Use the magic of natural light

In photography it’s all about light. Finally, photography derives from the Greek words photós (“light”) and graphein (“writing” or “paint”). So when we take pictures, we paint with the light. Doesn’t that sound great!?

2. Get the leading lines into your picture

Watch out for leading lines!

Lines are everywhere. Whether horizontal or vertical lines, diagonals or curves. Lines lead your eyes and you are obliged to follow them. But the meaning of lines can be interpreted in very different ways.

3. Frame your picture

Have an eye for natural frames

You will find frames everywhere. So use them for your next picture. I do not mean the classic wooden frame. I mean “natural” frames. This may be the view through a door, a bush or hedge.

4. Minimize your composition

Often you don’t need to capture the whole object – minimize your composition

In most of my pictures I have too much in my composition. But a good photo doesn’t need this information overload. The brain has the talent of the so-called auto-completion. If a motif is indicated, such as half of a wheel for example, your brain will add the rest. Try it once and only shoot parts of your subjects. Really helpful was the usage of a 50mm fixed focal length (a lens with one focal length – without zoom).

5. Take it to eye level

Take it to eye level – even with smaller objects

When you talk to a child, you’re often moving down onto your knees. Then you are at the same eye level as the child. Likewise, you should also try this with your photo perspective. This creates authenticity because the little one’s perspective is reflected in the photo.

6. Change the perspective

Change the perspective

There are tons of ways to set your image scene. So don’t limit yourself to your familiar perspectives. Always try and get a variety of perspectives.

7. The rule of thirds

Make use of the rule of thirds

Placing the main subject into the central position of an image often seems static and boring. Have you ever heard of the rule of thirds? You cut your frame in 9 equal parts. In the image you try to place your subject on the cutting edges of the lines.

8. Get closer!

Get closer to your object – or you’ll miss a lot!

The American photographer Robert Capa once established a “golden rule” of photojournalism: “If your pictures are not good enough, you were not close enough”. Try this to make it your own and go get closer to your subject in your next photo.

9. Capture the moment

Often the real moments are the one in between – try to be ready to shoot!

Many photos just happen. Always try to have your camera with you – so you don’t miss the moment.

10. Bring your everyday life into your picture

Don’t wait for the big moments – capture your everyday life around you!

You as a photographer know the situation. What can I photograph next. You think carefully and make up your mind. But remember, you nearly always have your camera with you – or even your smartphone, which is a pretty good camera. This makes it very easy to snap a quick photo.

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